Monday, April 24, 2017

One Shoulder Top

Top  // Jeans // Similar shoes here and here // Purse

So I'm going to start this blog post off with a little story about shooting this outfit before we actually talk about it! We (my bf and I) had to actually go out and shoot this outfit twice and I was even contemplating on a third time lol. Lighting is really tricky sometimes and the best times to shoot are early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Well, the first time we went and shot it we waited too late. So all the pictures came out weird with a lot of shadows or the sun blinding me. So after getting extremely frustrated about it I just said "forget it!" and left lol. So we tried again a couple days later and I forgot my purse! That's why It's only in one picture, the only picture that came out good from the first shoot haha. But what was even more annoying was that I was so excited about this look and nothing was going how I wanted it to, but I'm excited to finally share it with y'all! 

So now on to why you probably came to this post in the first place, the outfit! This entire outfit, minus accessories, is UNDER $100. I mean cmon, such a great deal. What I love about this top is that it's a one shoulder instead of completely off the shoulder. Don't get me wrong, I love the off the shoulder trend, but sometimes they can get really annoying to deal with! That's why I love switching it up with the one shoulder. You still get the same look but your shirt doesn't come up when you raise your arms. Did I mention it was only $15? ;) I'm also really excited about the deal I got on my mules, only $20 online at TJ Maxx! I will occasionally look online there because sometimes online is better than in store! Mules go great with jeans, dresses, work attire, almost anything! I'll definitely be wearing these to work a lot.  hey are no longer online but I linked a few similar pairs for y'all! 

How was y'all's weekend?! I had a much need chill weekend catching up on Netflix shows and getting some laundry done! We had crappy weather so staying home was all I wanted to do. I hope everyone has a great week! 


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Casual Dress and Sneakers

Shop my favorite chambray dresses herehereherehere and here (there's a lot haha) 
Shoes //  Bag (similar) // Earrings

So I'm gonna be real with y'all, super casual looks like this one are my fav. They're so easy and quick and make the getting ready process a little shorter (since I like to take my time lol). I just love being about to throw and a dress and sneakers and walk out the door for the day. That's why I love this look. Sneakers like the ones I'm wearing are a big trend right now (because they're amazing) and you can pair them with almost anything. Pairing them with a casual dress like this one really gives the look a more laid-back, sporty feel! I highly recommend purchasing a pair of black sneaks. I get so much use out of mine! I bought this dress last year, but I have linked a few chambray dress options that are just as cute! 

Now for a little life update... Exactly one month from today I WILL BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE! I can't believe how fast my time in college has gone by. I can remember my first day on campus like it was yesterday, and now 3 year later (I'm finishing a year early!) I'm about to accept my diploma and say "peace out" to school forever. Buuutttt I gotta make it through the rest of this semester first! I have literally been so busy lately that just taking the time to sit down and write a blog post has been impossible. However, school and broadcasting are my first priorities and unfortunately they sometimes consume my life haha. Being a journalism major is a lot more time consuming than you'd think! 

I will slowly but surely be posting more frequently, so be on the look out!