Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020 Gift Guide


The holidays are here! I am seriously so excited and have always loved everything about the Christmas season. From the movies, baking, gifts, lights, decor, you name it, I love it! Ever since I started a blog I've always made a gift guide for this time of year. I know this year might be a little different for everyone because of the pandemic, so I tried to make sure all of the gifts I've linked are relatively cheap. Under each category you'll find a link to my LiketoKnow.it account where I've tagged everything. Happy shopping!   

Gifts for the Home

Kitchen Bowels, Alexa, Cozy Blankets, Cheeseboard, Games, Magnolia Table Books, Milk Frother, Mug Warmer, Record Player, Nice Candles, Wine Glasses, Coffee Accessories

Workout Junkie Gifts

Massage Gun, Airpods, Liquid IV, Workout Bands, Amazon Workout Tanks, Gym Shoes, Gym Bag, Foam Roller, Shoulder Massager  

For Her 

Makeup Bag, Sweat Sets, Makeup Mirror, Robe, Perfume Set, Silk Masks

For Him  

Cooler, Airpods, Bottle/Mug Holder, Beanie, Shoulder Massager, Cologne Sampler


Electronic Treat Dispenser, Bowls, Fun Toys

Places to Shop

LiquidIV.com use code KASEYFUNDERBURG for 30% off, free shipping and a free gift with purchase! (11/20 to 11/30. Discount will go down to 25% after 11/30)



Altar'd State 

Unico Nutrition  use code kasey32 for 32% off 11/27-11/30


Sephora and Ulta 



Monday, August 24, 2020

Knoxville Restaurant Guide

 A memory came up on my phone a few days ago. It was a post from four years ago when I started my blog. Did I really do this four years ago? 

I started my blog four years ago because I love sharing my style and beauty tips. I didn't really have a plan or a goal of becoming this "big time" blogger but I definitely wanted to pursue this path.  However, my senior year of college project ended up taking a backseat while my career goals took center stage (as they should), but that hasn't changed the fact that I love sharing. I not only love sharing my everyday outfits, but my thoughts, my experiences, random Amazon purchases, and food. So basically everything that makes up Kasey Fundeburg's life. Maybe I'm more of a lifestyle blogger? Hmm. 

For my first post in what feels like forever, I'm sharing my favorite Knoxville, TN restaurants. There's a place for every occasion and craving on this list and I hope it helps when you're trying to decide where you want to eat the next time you go out :) 

The most important meal of the day: Breakfast/Brunch  

I'm starting this off with a classic downtown breakfast spot, Pete's. If you're wanting a simple breakfast with a hot cup of coffee and friendly service, this is the place. It's always good, always cheap and everyone in your group will find something they like. I love ordering the sausage, egg and cheese or an omelette

Next up, OliBea. Located in the Old City, it's a small local spot with an interesting menu that incorporates ingredients from local farmers. They offer multiple specials throughout the week, but two meals I absolutely love of theirs is the pancakes, which have a hint of lemon in them, and the chicken biscuit. Bring an appetite when you come here! 

If you want to start you breakfast or brunch off with something sweet, maybe a massive cinnamon roll, then head to Scrambled Jakes in Rocky Hill. The food is delicious, drinks and coffee are always good and service is usually pretty quick. The portions are pretty big so sharing wouldn't be a bad option either. I do think some of their prices are a little high, but at the end of the day the food is worth it. Pro Tip: they don't take reservations but you can put your name on a waiting list and I HIGHLY recommend doing that. 

If you want a quick to-go breakfast downtown then Matt Robb's Biscuits and Brew is a great option. The biscuits are seriously so good and there are many options. If you're wanting something sweet or maybe in the mood for savory, he has it. 

Another downtown spot is The French Market. It's another place where everyone can find something they like. It's also a really cute spot so it's great for pictures for the gram ;) 

When I'm in the mood for fresh juice and avocado toast (how L.A. of me lol) I always go to First Watch. I love this place! It is always good and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. Download their app so you can put yourself on the waiting list before you even leave the house. Trust me, there is always a wait. 

When it comes to brunch, pretty much every place downtown has a menu. Market Square has a ton of options so if there's a long wait somewhere, there's a good chance you'll be able to get in somewhere else. If you want a place that is specifically brunch, Ruby Sunshine sells it until 2 p.m. everyday of the week!

Lunch & Dinner 

Oh where to begin! Downtown has so many great options for food so I'm just going to list the ones that I think are worth trying if you haven't. 

-Nama Sushi. Half price nights are Monday and Thursday but only dine in! 

-Downtown Grill and Brewery. This is a great spot if you have multiple people in your party that you want to please! 

-Maple Hall has good food and drinks if you're looking for a place that is open a little later than most restaurants. 

-Tupelo Honey. They'll always be a favorite of mine and have great brunch too! 

-Cafe 4. Truffle fries, need I say more? 

-Tomato Head. I actually love their poppyseed chicken sandwich the most! 

Crab cakes with mashed potatoes, okra and Fancy Pants cocktail

-Southern Grit. It's located in the old city. It's southern food, but the atmosphere is way more sophisticated than a typical southern place. I absolutely love the crab cakes and the chicken and waffles!

-Fin Two. Delicious ramen bowls and good sushi. If you don't want to pay Nama prices, this is a good option to do instead. 

-Cru Bistro. They have great happy hours and weekly specials! I love their wedge salad. 

-Pour Taproom. It's definitely not a "restaurant" but they have a grilled cheese sandwich that is almost unmatched. 

-Boyd's Jig and Reel. This is another bar but if you haven't had one of their macaroni pies at 1 a.m. after a night out, you ain't living. 

-Balter Beerworks. This is probably my favorite place in Knoxville. Right on the outskirts of downtown, they have great beer and cocktails, a cool atmosphere and great food. I love their burgers and fish tacos! This is a must-go-to place! 

-Chivo. The brisket burrito is heaven sent and the margs are tasty. 

-Sweet P's BBQ. I could survive on their mac 'n cheese and banana pudding. 

-Calhouns on the River is always a great option if you're wanting a burger or wings. 

So as far as downtown goes, those are my spots. Now moving on to outside of downtown... 

SoKno Taco

-Sokno Taco will forever be my favorite place to grab Mexican and margs. I have loved this place since the day they opened. I typically get the quesadillas and they are bomb every time. I also love that their flavored margaritas don't taste too much like syrup. 

-Louis Italian. This is a North Knoxville staple. Their pasta and bread fill my carb loving heart. I always get the baked spaghetti and I'm never disappointed. It will typically last me two meals! 

-Central Flats and Taps. Their flatbreads and salads are all good and pretty light, unlike regular pizza. They also have a big patio in the back so it's a nice place to chill, drink a beer and enjoy good company.  

-Hard Knox Pizza. Wood-fired pizza that never disappoints.The Do-It Pruitt is my favorite!

Abridged Burgers, Fried Green BLT and Dolly Pop sour beer

-Abridged Beer Company. This is a newer brewpub in West Knoxville and they have the best burgers in town. They also have a ton of really great sour beers! 

-Sergeant Pepperonis. Better pizza for a crowd especially after a football game!

-Moe Beez wings. Best wings in Knoxville! The honey-gold wings are FIRE. 

-Poke Works. Their Poke Bowls are so good. I don't care how expensive they are. 

-Taste of Thai is my favorite Thai restaurant in Knoxville. I love getting the spring rolls and chicken pad thai. This is another meal that can be turned into two if your heart so desires! 

-Chicken Salad Chick is a go-to lunch spot for me. I kind of hate where you turn in to get there but besides that, it's good and the cookies are deadly

-Lakeside Tavern. Great date night or birthday celebration spot right on the lake. Hence the name...

-Dead End. You can't not love Dead End BBQ if you live in Knoxville. It's all-around good BBQ and really hits the spot

-The Plaid Apron. This is a very unique spot in Sequoyah Hills. If you're not a picky eater, try this place!

-Soccer Taco. It's good, it's cheap, and they have multiple locations. 

Protein Power Bowl

Nekter- Best smoothies and bowls IMO. I always get the Protein Power bowl and it feels me up! They also have an app so you can order ahead. 

-Surin of Thailand. This is another go-to sushi spot. When I'm wanting some good sushi and a small bill at the end, this is where I go.

-Aubrey's. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Knoxville. They have an all-around great menu and drink special throughout the week. I love the steak salad!

-Gavino's. This is another good Italian restaurant with a few locations. I usually get the Spaghetti Bolognese.

-Parkside Grill. It's kind of like your typical American steakhouse. Great for a special occasion! 

There are obviously a lot of places in Knoxville I've never been, but I'm working on trying out some new places to add to my list. With that being said, any of these restaurants are sure to fill your stomachs and leave you satisfied! 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Ways to Help with Social Distancing

Hi Everyone, 
These are some weird times we are living in guys. I never once thought that we would live in a time where we are encouraged to stay home, move our work lives to our homes, and live in the uncertainty of when things would be back to normal. It's hard. It's effecting all of us in some way, but there are ways to make these unusual circumstances tolerable and that's exactly what this post is about. I'm sharing different ways to cope with social distancing and I hope this will help any of you who are struggling to stay motivated! I'm also linking tons of products that you can order to make your time at home much better. 

Working From Home 

Some of us are used to going into an office everyday to work (Me!) but unfortunately majority of us aren't able to do that anymore because of COVID-19, so my apartment has turned into my office and my gym! I had to turn my makeup vanity into my computer desk so I would have a place to put everything. I was lucky enough to be able to bring all of my work equipment home to make life easier, but it's still weird. Some of you are going through the same thing so I've linked some products that will help with working at home! My top favorites are my new mouse pad, blue light glasses, phone stand and Air Pods.

Take Your Mind Off Things

Adult coloring books, books and any type of art are things that help me escape reality. Now is the perfect time to start a new craft or a book you've always wanted to read.

Home Workouts

With gyms being closed, I have had to move all my workouts to my apartment. I'm lucky to live right on a greenway by a river so I can easily go for runs and be active. However, I enjoy lifting weights and becoming stronger so I've had to be creative in my workouts. Luckily, a lot of my favorite Instagram fitness ladies have been posting really great at-home workouts on their feeds and I've actually enjoyed doing them! I've linked some really helpful at-home equipment as well as links to my favorite fitness influencers.

Whitney Simmons 
Krissy Cela 
Taylor Chamberlain Dilk 

Hopefully some of these things will help you all during these crazy times we are living in. I'm going to be updating my blog and LiketoKnowit account more often now that I'm home, so make sure you keep an eye out for my new posts! Stay safe and stay home!


Saturday, February 29, 2020

My Current Favorites

For someone who shops WAAYYY more than she should, I obviously come across some really great items that I truly love. I wanted to share my absolute favorite items right now with you all because I know you all will love them too! Here's why some of them are favorites: 

The Keurig K-Elite K-Cup Pod and Iced Coffee setting coffee maker is a must-buy if you love hot and cold coffee. It has multiple temperature and cup size options and was a nice upgrade from my older Keurig. I also love being able to make iced coffee right at home.

Amazon blazer and furry bomber. These are really good affordable jackets that would work for any wardrobe. I've worn them both out and to work. 

$16 Blue Light Glasses from Amazon. These really do work! I am in front of a computer all day long and I could really tell a difference with these on. Also so affordable! 

Shop these items and the rest of my favorites below! 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Contoura Body FX with Revitalyze MD Review

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to finally share this post and my experience with Contoura with you all. If you've been following me on Instagram within the last few months, you've probably seen my stories of me at Revitalyze MD in Knoxville getting the treatment done to the back of my legs. Before I go into detail about the treatment, I just want to talk about how great everyone is at Revitalyze MD! They are seriously so nice and accommodating to me every time I'm in there. Marissa is who I worked with during my treatments and she did a wonderful job making sure I was always comfortable and knew what she was doing throughout my appointments!

 What this treatment does is uses radio-frequency to melt away fat and also tighten the skin. The treatment is great for targeting some of those difficult areas we all know and love, so for me it was right under my bottom on the back of my legs.

Here is my BEFORE photo:

You can see in my before photo that I have a few lines on my legs right under where my shorts end. This was the area we worked on and actually did one extra treatment on my right leg since the lines were more prominent there. What's great about this treatment is you can get it done on a very small area, like me, or a much larger one.  I work out and lift weights on a regular basis but even the most fit people have some trouble areas. With this treatment you can target those places and that's what makes it so cool to me! 

This is what my leg looked like during the treatment. My leg is red from the heat that's created to burn the fat cells. However, it's completely painless! There were a few times where it did get pretty warm and uncomfortable, but we would always take a break until my leg calmed down. There was also ZERO down time and I went straight to work after every treatment. I would also try and do a leg workout that really worked my glutes and hamstrings on days I would get it done, because it helped target that area even more.

So after five treatments on my left leg and six on my right, here is my AFTER photo: 

On my right leg, you can see how the lines are almost completely gone and on my left there is nothing! I am so happy with my results and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to maximize their fitness results and or even get a jump start on their fitness goals. Feel free to shoot any questions about Contoura my way and I encourage any of you who are interested in the treatment to schedule a consultation! Lastly, they also have other treatments like hydrafacials, IV therapy, botox, and female and male specific treatments that I also highly recommend! I can't wait to try new and fun treatments with Revitalyze in the future and will be sure to keep you all updated on my Instagram and blog :) 

Thanks for reading!