Monday, March 30, 2020

Ways to Help with Social Distancing

Hi Everyone, 
These are some weird times we are living in guys. I never once thought that we would live in a time where we are encouraged to stay home, move our work lives to our homes, and live in the uncertainty of when things would be back to normal. It's hard. It's effecting all of us in some way, but there are ways to make these unusual circumstances tolerable and that's exactly what this post is about. I'm sharing different ways to cope with social distancing and I hope this will help any of you who are struggling to stay motivated! I'm also linking tons of products that you can order to make your time at home much better. 

Working From Home 

Some of us are used to going into an office everyday to work (Me!) but unfortunately majority of us aren't able to do that anymore because of COVID-19, so my apartment has turned into my office and my gym! I had to turn my makeup vanity into my computer desk so I would have a place to put everything. I was lucky enough to be able to bring all of my work equipment home to make life easier, but it's still weird. Some of you are going through the same thing so I've linked some products that will help with working at home! My top favorites are my new mouse pad, blue light glasses, phone stand and Air Pods.

Take Your Mind Off Things

Adult coloring books, books and any type of art are things that help me escape reality. Now is the perfect time to start a new craft or a book you've always wanted to read.

Home Workouts

With gyms being closed, I have had to move all my workouts to my apartment. I'm lucky to live right on a greenway by a river so I can easily go for runs and be active. However, I enjoy lifting weights and becoming stronger so I've had to be creative in my workouts. Luckily, a lot of my favorite Instagram fitness ladies have been posting really great at-home workouts on their feeds and I've actually enjoyed doing them! I've linked some really helpful at-home equipment as well as links to my favorite fitness influencers.

Whitney Simmons 
Krissy Cela 
Taylor Chamberlain Dilk 

Hopefully some of these things will help you all during these crazy times we are living in. I'm going to be updating my blog and LiketoKnowit account more often now that I'm home, so make sure you keep an eye out for my new posts! Stay safe and stay home!


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