Thursday, January 30, 2020

Contoura Body FX with Revitalyze MD Review

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to finally share this post and my experience with Contoura with you all. If you've been following me on Instagram within the last few months, you've probably seen my stories of me at Revitalyze MD in Knoxville getting the treatment done to the back of my legs. Before I go into detail about the treatment, I just want to talk about how great everyone is at Revitalyze MD! They are seriously so nice and accommodating to me every time I'm in there. Marissa is who I worked with during my treatments and she did a wonderful job making sure I was always comfortable and knew what she was doing throughout my appointments!

 What this treatment does is uses radio-frequency to melt away fat and also tighten the skin. The treatment is great for targeting some of those difficult areas we all know and love, so for me it was right under my bottom on the back of my legs.

Here is my BEFORE photo:

You can see in my before photo that I have a few lines on my legs right under where my shorts end. This was the area we worked on and actually did one extra treatment on my right leg since the lines were more prominent there. What's great about this treatment is you can get it done on a very small area, like me, or a much larger one.  I work out and lift weights on a regular basis but even the most fit people have some trouble areas. With this treatment you can target those places and that's what makes it so cool to me! 

This is what my leg looked like during the treatment. My leg is red from the heat that's created to burn the fat cells. However, it's completely painless! There were a few times where it did get pretty warm and uncomfortable, but we would always take a break until my leg calmed down. There was also ZERO down time and I went straight to work after every treatment. I would also try and do a leg workout that really worked my glutes and hamstrings on days I would get it done, because it helped target that area even more.

So after five treatments on my left leg and six on my right, here is my AFTER photo: 

On my right leg, you can see how the lines are almost completely gone and on my left there is nothing! I am so happy with my results and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to maximize their fitness results and or even get a jump start on their fitness goals. Feel free to shoot any questions about Contoura my way and I encourage any of you who are interested in the treatment to schedule a consultation! Lastly, they also have other treatments like hydrafacials, IV therapy, botox, and female and male specific treatments that I also highly recommend! I can't wait to try new and fun treatments with Revitalyze in the future and will be sure to keep you all updated on my Instagram and blog :) 

Thanks for reading!