Sunday, April 22, 2018

Get Bikini Season Ready With These 4 Simple Steps

With bikini season right around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share my top-four pieces of advice when it comes to getting "bikini ready". These are simple and easy tips that will help keep you cool and confident all summer long!

1. Find your confidence
So this is probably the "hardest" of the four tips I have for you all because I know how summer time and swimsuits can bring out the insecurities in us. Maybe you think you don't look good enough for a bikini, you're too pale, you don't look as good as that one girl on Instagram... Well, that's all a bunch of B.S. No one is perfect. I'm not perfect nor do I ever look perfect in a bikini. One thing I've learned over the years is that I am more confident when I embrace the things about me that might not be "perfect". I'll never have the best summer tan or beach body, but I will be confident in how I look because there is nothing you and I should be ashamed of when it comes to how we look! So put on that cute swimmie you've been dying to wear, and say PEACE to all the haters that say otherwise.

2. Buy a Trendy Suit
The high-leg bikini bottoms are in right now and I am loving it! I kinda feel like my mom when she was in her twenties with this style. Trendy bikinis are always fun to wear and usually pretty cute. Plus, you'll probably get some compliments on it (which will help boost that confidence girl). Pac Sun has some of my fave trendy bikinis!

3. Get Yo Tan On
I think we all dread the first day of wearing shorts in the summer. It typically looks like my legs haven't seen the light of day in 10 years when I start wearing shorts, so that's why I always keep sunless tanning products around! I like using a tanning mousse because I think it comes out looking more natural and lasts for a long time! I've linked my favorites below.

4. Bikini Body Ready
It's not too late to reach those summer bod goals or lost New Year's resolutions. One thing I've learned is to focus more on getting good nutrients in my body and then focus on working out. When you sit down to make your grocery list this week, buy foods that are good for you and filling! Focus on cutting back on the bad stuff (Sweets, dairy, alcohol) and focus on more fruits and veggies. I'm a firm believer that abs are made in the kitchen, so simple changes to your diet can go a long way. When it comes to working out, set realistic goals for yourself. Add 10 more minutes of cardio, go to the gym three times instead of two, or try a new workout class. There are a lot of ways you can get summer ready without making HUGE changes to your life!


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