Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pearl Detailed Skirt + 5 Things That Can Make My Day Better

What's up guys! I feel like I haven't posted in forever (because I haven't HA) but Knoxville has had the worst weather lately, which  is extremely uninspiring when you want to shoot spring looks! I've been relying on my transitional pieces big time since the weather has been crappy. This cropped sweatshirt & skirt look is a great transitional look for going into spring. I love the ripped hem on the skirt and the pearl detailing. It kinda "dresses up" a more grungy look. More details about the skirt below!
 I also feel like this look is very "me" and I've really been focusing on truly expressing my style and not what everyone else is wearing. I'm a girly-tomboy and this look is a good example of that! At the end of this post I'm sharing 5 simple things that can make my day better because this weather can definitely get you down. So keep on scrollin'. 

This skirt is from SHEIN and I love it. The quality is amazing, just like the other pieces I've received from them. This skirt runs big so I suggest sizing down. I'm typically a medium and got a small and it fits just fine. 

I'm obsessed with these Van's Sneakers! A must-have shoe in my book. You can literally wear them with any kind of outfit... and I do! 

My cropped sweatshirt obsession is in full force and this one is perfect! It's so soft and I really like the length of this one... plus it's only $12. So why would you want to pass this deal up?! 

5 Simple Things That Make My Day Better 

1. Getting up early to catch the Today Show and drink my morning coffee. 
I love getting up and catching up on the news, getting a little entertainment and enjoying my coffee without the rush of getting ready for something. It's relaxing and calming for me and feel like I'm always in a good mood when I do this. 

2. Running
Nothing beats getting in a 30 minute run outside on a beautiful day. Or even on the treadmill if outside isn't an option. Just anything to get my blood flowing!

3. Coffee Breaks 
Taking a coffee break in the middle of the day always puts me in a good mood. Just getting up from my desk or stepping away from a busy day to refuel can be so refreshing and gives my brain a minute to relax. Plus, coffee shops smell like Heaven. 

4. Long Drives w/ My Favorite Music 
I'll take the long way home just to get a chance to jam out in my car a little longer! 

5. Netflix and Bath
Netflix and chill? Nah, Netflix and bath. Get a good bubble bath going then set up your favorite Netflix show on your laptop. I could sit in the bathtub for hours doing this. I love just chilling in the tub and watching New Girl after a stressful day. 

Have a great week y'all! Halfway to the weekend! 


Monday, March 5, 2018

My Current Obsessions

Alright guys I'm gonna be honest here, this blog post might contain the most random items... ever. There's fashion pieces, beauty items and every thing else I've ben using or wearing lately. But hey, it's all good stuff! And I want y'all to know about it all too, so I'm just going to jump right in!

Let's start with fashion. I was recently sent this faux fur teddy coat from Shein and absolutely looovvveee it! I've seen a lot of influencers on Instagram wearing these coats and I think they're perfect for wearing on chilly days or throwing over an outfit at night. Winter isn't over yet in Tennessee, so a coat like this is a must for this time of year! 
This item was sent to me by Shein. Thoughts are my own.

These Nike Air Force 1's mid-rise sneakers are da bombbbbb! Fun fact: sneakers are my favorite kind of shoes. I'll pick out a new pair of tennis shoes before a pair of heels any day of the week. They really bring out the tomboy in me and are super comfy! I plan to style these a few different ways so I can show y'all how a sporty shoe can be a versatile piece. I have a wide range of Nike shoes so maybe I should start showing them off more on here... What do y'all think?

Im obsessed with crop hoodies right now and this one is super soft and cozy! I actually fell asleep in this outfit the other night and slept through the entire night in it, so obviously its pretty comfy ;)

I got a lot of DM's and questions about these lace-up jeans when I posted this picture on Instagram. These exact pair are sold out, but I've linked some similar ones for you all above! 

Now on to some of my current fave accessories!

First up is my new lipstick bag from M. LYNN BEAUTY called the LIPFOLIO! It's a bag designed to organize your lipsticks, glosses, liners and any other lip products you may have, and it holds up to 16 lip products at once. I think this is such a cool product because it provides an easy and mess free way of organizing and finding your lip products! It would also be a great item to have for traveling, that way all your products are together in one place and not stuffed in a makeup bag. Use the code FRIEND10 for 10% and free shipping! 
This item was sent to me from M. LYNN BEAUTY. Thoughts are my own. 

I've been using this bag as my work bag! It fits my laptop, agenda, chargers, makeup bag, hard drives, and everything else that I need to bring with my to work each day! It's also super affordable.

This mug though.. (insert heart-eye emoji). Jordan got me this mug for Valentine's Day and it is so perfect for me! I can't leave there without buying something I didn't come for.