Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pearl Detailed Skirt + 5 Things That Can Make My Day Better

What's up guys! I feel like I haven't posted in forever (because I haven't HA) but Knoxville has had the worst weather lately, which  is extremely uninspiring when you want to shoot spring looks! I've been relying on my transitional pieces big time since the weather has been crappy. This cropped sweatshirt & skirt look is a great transitional look for going into spring. I love the ripped hem on the skirt and the pearl detailing. It kinda "dresses up" a more grungy look. More details about the skirt below!
 I also feel like this look is very "me" and I've really been focusing on truly expressing my style and not what everyone else is wearing. I'm a girly-tomboy and this look is a good example of that! At the end of this post I'm sharing 5 simple things that can make my day better because this weather can definitely get you down. So keep on scrollin'. 

This skirt is from SHEIN and I love it. The quality is amazing, just like the other pieces I've received from them. This skirt runs big so I suggest sizing down. I'm typically a medium and got a small and it fits just fine. 

I'm obsessed with these Van's Sneakers! A must-have shoe in my book. You can literally wear them with any kind of outfit... and I do! 

My cropped sweatshirt obsession is in full force and this one is perfect! It's so soft and I really like the length of this one... plus it's only $12. So why would you want to pass this deal up?! 

5 Simple Things That Make My Day Better 

1. Getting up early to catch the Today Show and drink my morning coffee. 
I love getting up and catching up on the news, getting a little entertainment and enjoying my coffee without the rush of getting ready for something. It's relaxing and calming for me and feel like I'm always in a good mood when I do this. 

2. Running
Nothing beats getting in a 30 minute run outside on a beautiful day. Or even on the treadmill if outside isn't an option. Just anything to get my blood flowing!

3. Coffee Breaks 
Taking a coffee break in the middle of the day always puts me in a good mood. Just getting up from my desk or stepping away from a busy day to refuel can be so refreshing and gives my brain a minute to relax. Plus, coffee shops smell like Heaven. 

4. Long Drives w/ My Favorite Music 
I'll take the long way home just to get a chance to jam out in my car a little longer! 

5. Netflix and Bath
Netflix and chill? Nah, Netflix and bath. Get a good bubble bath going then set up your favorite Netflix show on your laptop. I could sit in the bathtub for hours doing this. I love just chilling in the tub and watching New Girl after a stressful day. 

Have a great week y'all! Halfway to the weekend! 


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