Friday, August 25, 2017

What You Actually Need for College

Camo Tee // Jeans // Sneakers

School is pretty much back in session on most college campuses, and the fun, carefree summer feeling is slowly going away for some of you. Or if you're like me, college is over and now I have to go to work everyday. Yay adulthood! A lot of you reading this are probably still in school or going in to your first year of college, and since I've already been through it all I figured I would share some of my expertise ;) So without further ado, here is what you actually need for college!

So let's start with the obvious. You're going to need pens, notebooks, a computer, backpack, and all the other boring stuff that goes into school. But there is SO much more you need that isn't even school related, but it will make your life much, much easier.

1. Must-Need Beauty
I highly recommend keeping a travel deodorant and body spray in your backpack. You're going to get hot and sweaty on your walk to class in the 95 degree heat and the last thing you need to be worrying about during a lecture is if someone can smell you. I like to keep blotting sheets and powder in my bag as well to help cover up the shine. My go-to powder is here. The next thing I would always have on hand is makeup remover wipes. I use these and they do a great job and come in a huge pack! I also have sensitive skin and they don't bother me at all. I can't stress enough how these guys come in handy. Especially on late nights full of studying....or spent at a bar haha. And speaking of late nights... Invest in a good concealer because if you don't have bags and dark circles now, you will. Even if I didn't wear foundation to class, I would always wear concealer just to make myself look more awake. I use this one and it's SO SO good!

2. Rain, rain, go away 
Make sure you have a good rain jacket. If you're going to splurge on any rain gear, do it on the jacket. Cheap rain jackets aren't going to keep you dry and hold up during your time in school. I recommend this one or this one. Make sure you also have a decent pair of rain boots and an umbrella. I got both of mine at Target and they have held up great!

3. Safety First 
Buy a small plastic bin or basket and fill it with any and every medicine and creams you could possibly need to make a homemade first aid kit. I have medicine for headaches, cramps, bug bites, bandaids, cuts, you name it. It seriously comes in handy! I also try to have to always have Gatorades, Pedialyte or some type of electrolyte drink on hand for after a night out or for post workouts.

4. What to keep in your backpack 
I always kept a snack, pack of gum and water bottle in my backpack. I tried not to buy food on campus unless I was starving or planned ahead. Having a snack and and something to drink on hand can sometimes make sitting in a long class a little bit easier.

I have thought about doing back-to-school outfits, because I'm not really into the huge t-shirt and nike shorts outfits anymore unless I'm at home cleaning haha. If y'all are interested in something like this, let me know! I love sharing my thoughts and advice, but I also love knowing what type of content you all want to see!

Have a great school year everyone!

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