Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dishing Out My Hair Secrets

Happy Tuesday, guys! I’m so excited to finally share this blog post with you all because it has been the most requested post I’ve ever had. I’ve been putting this post off for awhile because I honestly don’t do anything too speacial to my hair or use any unheard of products.

I’ve always had thick, healthy hair ever since I was young. One of the reasons I believe my hair is still as healthy as it is, is I didn’t start coloring it until my junior year of high school and only color my hair two times a year with maybe one root touch up. I try to keep my hair away from chemicals and dyes as much as I can.


My go-to shampoo and conditioner brand is Dove. I’ve used Dove products for YEARS and have loved how it makes my hair look and feel. I’ve used almost every type of Dove Shampoo and have always had great results. I’m currently using this shampoo and conditioner from them and have really loved how much body and shine it gives my hair. Now I do have a “secret weapon” when I feel like my hair is looking bleh... and it’s this shampoo from Head & Shoulders. I don’t have a dry scalp but I have found that when my hair is starting to look dry and dull, this shampoo really helps to add moisture and give my hair new life.

Styling Products

I don’t use many products for my hair besides heat protectant spray and this hairspray. I also use this styling spray when I feel like spending a little extra money. What I’ve found that really works well for me and my hair, is using products that have some type of volumizing properties to it. Every hairspray I use is a volumizing spray and every dry shampoo I use is as well. For dry shampoo, I really love this one. The last product I’ll use occasionally is Powder Play. It gives SO much volume!

Styling Tools

 I've explained how I curled my hair and what tool I used under each photo! BOTH of my curling irons are also on sale! Just in time for Christmas :)

Here I used this 1 inch curling iron and used it how you would any curling iron, by wrapping your hair in the clamp.

In both of these pictures I used the same 1 inch curling iron but used it as a wand. I sectioned off my layers of hair and then wrapped my hair around the iron. I don't use the clamp at all with this technique.

For my birthday dinner hair I used this 1.25 inch curing iron. I love doing big, full curls sometimes because they can look so effortless!

I hope this post answered your all's hair questions or at least helped in some way!


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